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Today day is February 1 and.........the first Karmann and Kompany CD is not completed yet.  Our announced release date was January 31st.  We are in the mixing stages and are getting pictures for cover art today.  This CD is a DIY project and a labor of love.  And with all DIY projects, it is taking longer then expected with some unexpected expenses, but we are making progress.  

The CD will have 10 original songs and 1 cover.  We couldn't resist including "Wayfaring Stranger,"  one of our favorite songs to play.  Other titles include  "Sojourn", "My Feet Keep Walking", "Just Be Who You Are", and that wonderful soon-to-be-classic, "Backyard Chickens".  More news, soon.

Karmann Powell


Praise His Name Radio sation will be playing some of Karmann's songs from her "Morning Prayer" CD starting February 22.  

Click here for Praise His Name Radio's web site.


Arise Radio is an internet station that plays inspriational music.  "Born To Set The Prisoners Free" was submitted for consideration for their Christmas song programming - it was accepted, as were several other songs from Karmann's CD's. 

Click here for Arise Radio's web site.


This is a picture of Martin, Brandi, Keen and Kessi.  They have been coming to Acker to hear me play every year.  The first year, their son, Keen was an itty, bitty baby.  Last year, their daughter, Kessi, was a new born.  This year, we were so pleased that they came, dispite the late hour of our performance.  And so glad someone actually had a camera!

Lookng forward to seeing them again next year at Acker on the Plaza!

Note from A Friend

The message below was on my Facebook page.  Someone who attended our performance at Bent River Bookstore  on 2/11/12 had something nice to say about it.  We'll be making another trip up to Cottonwood soon.  Thanks, Ken, for letting us know.  It really made our day!
From Ken:

Got to talking to some folks at the Camp Verde 'Thanks-A-Latte' open mic last night. They told me about this GREAT band they heard from Black Canyon City with a lady singer who writes a lot of "wonderful" songs. I thought gee I wonder who that could be..... Thought you would like to know. See ya at the Glendale festival (2/15/12).


Karmann has songs playing on two internet radio stations:  AMAZ Radio and NewFolkRadio.


American Bluegrass Radio has been playing "Daddy-O" and "Born to set the Prisoners Free" since 2006.  Their station features bluegrass, gospel and country artists from the past and the present.  They are also involved in GospelGrass Productions sponsors gospel festivals in different city in the Western US.  If you love gospel music, this is a great place to go:  American Bluegrass Radio.


Several of the songs include Joe Brokaw on bass guitar, John "Whiteboy" Walden on harmonica, and Stan Powell on drums, so they are really a group effort.  Don Hootman will also be laying down some lead guitar tracks on some song currently in production.  Karmann does the rest.